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This page will serve to catalogue stories and series, with links to online retailers where they are available for purchase.

His Only Desire

Part 1: Taken by the Billionaire – Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo Books

His Only Desire: Complete Set (1-5) – Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo Books

The complete set also includes…parts 1 through 5

The DeLuca Brothers Series

Book 1:

Book 2:

Book 3:

Book 4: Coming soon.

Book 5: Coming soon.

Ghost Protocol

An FBI Agent enlists a psychic to help solve a string of murders that have no logical explanation. When he meets her, they both get more than they bargained for. 5 episodes planned.

Episode 1: AmazonBarnes & Noble

Episode 2-5 will be released soon.

Sophia’s Escape: Submissive Journey

When Sophia’s boyfriend forces her to commit a crime, the only place she can run to is the dark dungeon of her unknown neighbor. Sophia’s eyes are opened up to a while new world of dominance and submission as she seeks shelter in this safe house. Both her fear of the police and of her new Master keep her emotions in check, but will her body let her explore this new side of her sexuality? Watch as Sophia changes from a hardened abused girlfriend to a feisty and tempting submissive in Escape: Sophia’s Induction (Submissive Journey Part 1).

Escape: Sophia’s Induction (Submissive Journey Part 1) – Amazon

Escape: Sophia’s Education (Submissive Journey Part 2) – Amazon

Escape: Sophia’s Transformation (Submissive Journey Part 3) will be released soon.

Friends with Spanking Benefits

A collection of short stories featuring friends with secret attractions who just need a little nudge to send them into that place between friends and lovers. Stories include some elements of BDSM.

Exploring Jade

Poolside Submission

Sweet Reverb

Stand Alone Stories

Playing with Dolly (MFM Alpha Male Erotica)


  1. Looking forward to part 4 of “His Only Desire”!

    • I’m right there with ya ;-)

      Seriously though, it shouldn’t be too much longer. I’ll post here and send out a quick email as soon as it goes live!

    • Yes I would like to notify of the next book his only desire

      • I’ll make a post here as soon as it’s available. Also, you can fill out the form on the right side of the page, and I’ll send out a quick email when it goes live.

  2. im in love with his only desire :) it one of the best i have ever read i do wish it was all one big book and im dieing waiting for the next one :) but it is so very very good u are a wonderful writer

    • Thank you, Clarissa! Love your name, btw :)

      Eventually it will be available as a single book. I have to work on this series between projects, so it’s taking a bit longer than I’d hoped to get it completed. I’ll have the 4th installment polished up soon enough, though.

  3. Can’t wait for the next part of his only desire! :)

  4. I would like to be notified when the next His Only Desire book hits amazon. I loved them all can’t wait for number 4.
    Let me know when

  5. I love His Only Desire, but when is book four out? Amazing story!

  6. Cant wait for part 4 of His Only Desire, I love this series so far!!! :-)

  7. I love these books but I hate waiting. Can’t wait for book 4 of his only desire.

    • Thanks :) I can relate on the waiting. Good news is that you only have to wait a few more days. Finishing up edits now. I’ll send an email out through the newsletter the moment the story goes live :)

  8. Sharon Simpson :

    please let me know when book 4 is out. thanks

  9. Yay its out, just bought it now gonna start reading it :-) :-) :-)

  10. I have just finish reading , His Only Desire 4, I cannot wait to read the final book, do you know what date of release is yet, cannot believe you have left me hanging again & will be none stop Amazon everyday again… love all the stories so…

    • It shouldn’t be too long. I want the story to be perfect, so I can’t give a date just yet. You can sign up for the new releases newsletter and as soon as it is live, you’ll receive an email from me with a link.

  11. Kathy Shreve :

    Just finished Book #4- can’t wait for Book
    #5- I am enjoying the book series!

    • Thanks, I’m happy to hear you are enjoying it :) I’ll do my best to make sure you don’t have to wait long for book 5!

  12. Just read Part 4………….looking forward to Part 5 (soon, I guess as there are only 2 weeks left in March). Love that Remy, he’s a real “take charge” kind of guy.

  13. I just read is His Only Desire, Parts 1-4 and I loved them!
    I wish I had known there was a fifth installment before I read them, I would have held off and waited for the complete series to be released.
    I hate not knowing how it ends!!!
    Any guess as to when part 5 will be released?

    • Thanks, Kelly! The agony of waiting. I know it all to well myself. I have an idea when it’ll be released, but I don’t want to say when just yet, in case life gets even more hectic and I can’t deliver on time.

  14. Roll on part 5 of His Only Desire, it can’t come soon enough! Love your work :)

  15. Just finshed his only desire an cant wait to read the rest. Im gonna wait tell there all out wil be out in a single book with all?

    • Hi Crystal – Yes, there will be. It won’t be immediately after the release of the fifth installment, though. Probably a few weeks later (extra formatting, etc). I’ll post here when the compilation becomes available.

  16. When in April is book 5 out?? I love the series and I can not wait to read book 5!!!

  17. Will escape Sophia`s education part 2 be on kobo. I read the first one on there and now I am waiting for the second..

  18. It’s May now………still waiting for Part 5. Just know it will be good!

  19. I have just discovered the his desire series, wow…. I read all 5 parts straight away and looking forward to the
    next installment

  20. Any idea on an ETA for the next installment of His Only Desire?

    • No ETA at this time, but the ideas are flowing. I’ll post something when it’s closer to release. Also, I’m considering releasing the next set as a single volume rather than in parts.

  21. Hey Lucinda
    Just finished the first two book on the DeLuca brothers absolutely loved them both cant wait to read about the other three

    • Thank you, Liz. The others are wrapped up and will be available soon as they finish various stages of editing. Should all be released very soon :)

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